Discover the Greek Islands


Lesbos or Lesvos as this Greek island is sometimes known is the third largest of all the Greek islands and it lies just off the coast of Turkey in the blue waters of the North Aegean Sea.
Lesbos is an island away from the masses where holiday pleasures are simple, where there are hidden footpaths past traditional olive presses, water mills and stone bridges. There are hidden villages, secluded bays and lovely beaches.
The landscape in Lesbos is unique. There are thick forests and vast salt pans and wetlands which provide fertile feeding grounds for flocks of flamingoes and migrating birds. If you are a bird watch then Lesbos is a good place to be. Also, Lesbos is great for walking as there are many gentle walks along cobbled mule tracks, country trails and forest paths where you can glimpse ancient castles, ruined temples, monastries and small mountain chapels along the way.
The capital of Lesbos is Mytilene, where the airport is, and also where there is a striking castle which is one of the largest in the Mediterrean. Lesbos also has natural thermal springs which offer a Turkish style bathing. There are also spring waters around the Gulf of Kallini which are some of the hottest in Europe. Ouzo is one of Lesbos' top exports. It is drunk widely in all of the islands tavernas.