Discover the Greek Islands


Kefalonia's charm lies with her simplicity. Scented hillside slopes, wild heather mountainsides, olive grove pathways, sleepy harbour fronts, shady tavernas, great beaches lapped by cool clear waters.
The lush scenery of Kefalonia, in the Ionian Sea was captured well in the film of Captain Corelli's Mandolin. If you explore the island today you will find crumbling ruins, charming monastries and roman mosaics.
You can visit Kefalonia's bustling capital of Argostoli which is set on a wide lagoon crossed by the landmark Drapano Bridge and the pretty postcard fishing village of Fiskardo. At the heart of Kefalonia Mount Enos rises and from the slopes you get magnificent views of the blue Ionian Sea.
Kefalonia has appeared in the world top ten locations for scenic beauty and is adorned with tranquil beaches, awe-inspiring mountains, charming fishing villages and peaceful pine forests. Covered by dense vegetation, the island's natural beauty is apparent throughout Kefalonia, no more so than in the plentiful olive and orange groves and on the vine-covered hillsides.
The island's beaches offer truly breathtaking views and the rugged rocky shores and caves are a worthwhile sight for any road-weary traveller. One of the most famous beaches is Myrtos, which has been ranked fifth in the world for its outstanding views. Vertical rock cliffs surround an enchanting bay which appears a rich turquoise in the sun, the soft white sand baking in the heat.
In terms of appearance, Kefalonia seems to have escaped much of the effects of tourism, remaining a peaceful and laidback island. However, it is firmly on the list of budget holiday locations and offers a range of accommodation from luxurious hotels through to cheap studios and apartments for tourists on a shoestring.