Discover the Greek Islands


A trip to Chania, Greece is a journey into the past. Old-fashioned fishing boats and small villages with whitewashed houses serve as reminders that this area has not been touched by time. The westernmost destination on Crete’s coast features many unspoiled beaches in proximity of one another and still retains it's authentic style while catering to tourists who are looking for something more real than what they would find at other tourist resorts in Europe

Chania is a beautiful part of the world with its rich history and culture. The Old Town has an almost magical feel to it, which will transport you back in time when you're there exploring all of the Medieval architecture around. You can't forget about their Venetian port that overlooks both land and sea- full on relaxation at your fingertips! Chania's unique mixture offers something for everyone: from beaches perfect for relaxing or even surfing if things are more intense then we have some great historical sites as well as opportunities to experience authentic life right here too!